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Soil care

Pine Needle Mulch

Pine Tree How does your garden grow? If your flowers and plants could use a boost, we recommend mulching. We use pine needle mulch and organic mulches to hold water in the soil and stop weed growth while making garden areas look beautiful.

What are the advantages of pine needle mulch?

  • Pine needles will not cake and mat down. This eliminates the problem of compaction that makes some mulch impermeable to air, moisture, and fertilizer movement into the soil.
  • The needles are long-lasting. They have a very high resin content, which inhibits rapid decomposition. It will take 3-4 years for your needles to decompose completely. A light application of fresh needles, over the top, once a year, is all that you need to do.
  • Pine needles will not be subject to the growth of mushrooms, slime molds, bird's nest fungus, or artillery fungus.
  • Pine needles will not cause rotting of the trunk collar on your trees.
  • Pine needle mulch has a natural appearance that blends beautifully into the landscape.

Bark Mulch

We use a local source for our triple ground hardwood bark mulch, and incorporate an organic compost into the mulch to enhance biologic activity which aides in the establishment and on-going health of the landscape plantings.


Another option for mulching is to use our certified organic compost as a soil covering. This material adds nutrients and biologic activity to the soil, allowing for optimal plant growth.

Bio Char

Ancient civilizations understood the need to modify soil conditions to allow for optimum plant growth. One method used was burning fields to produce carbon that would aide in soil structure and the ability to capture, store, and release nutrients to plant roots. Now, Bio Char is produced thru a process called pyrolysis. Properly prepared Bio Char will enhance nutrient and moisture holding capacity in your soil, enhancing plant growth. One application lasts a lifetime.

Find Out About the Environmental Benefits of Bio Char Here

Why use organic mulch?

Organic mulches will, over time, decompose and add to the soil structure. This will create an environment that is conducive to beneficial insect and microbial activity. Organic mulches aid in keeping roots cool, and do not reflect sunlight onto plants.

Can I use too much mulch?

Yes. Over-mulching is possible. Many types of mulch can actually harm your plants if not applied properly. Many types of mulch will hold excess moisture next to the crown of your plants. This will cause rotting, and open up areas for insects and disease infestation. Pine needles will maintain their open structure.


What is pine needle mulch?

The mulch that Cedar Run distributes comes from the state of Georgia. The needles are collected from the Longleaf pine, Pinus palustris. These needles, which range from 8-18" long, are hand-raked from pine plantations and are free from branches. They are in compressed bales, which contain 4 cubic feet of needles, and some 31/2" cones. Needles have a lovely russet color.

How are the pine needles used?

Spreading the needles is very easy. The bales are light in weight, and can be lifted easily. We find it convenient to cut the ropes or wires that surround the bales while in a wheelbarrow, and then distribute them with a pitchfork.

You will find that with an initial application of 31/2", one bale will cover about 30 sq. ft. This will settle down to about 21/2". Follow up applications to freshen up appearances will have coverage of about 75 sq. ft. per bale.

Pine Needle Mulch

Longleaf pine needles, brought in from Georgia, are now available to the homeowner, contractor or Garden center operator. Cedar Run can provide you with any quantity you may need, from one bale for a small path to a trailer load for an entire project. Mulch the way nature does!


Why mulch?

pine bale

Applying a covering over the roots of your plants provides many benefits:

  • Maintains Soil Moisture
  • Inhibits Weed Growth
  • Moderates Soil Temperature
  • Beautifies Landscape Plantings
  • Enhances Soil Nutrition

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